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and are here for the long haul-- joining them editorial cartoonist scott stantis, we'll check in . >> la romney was only four points ahead. >> he said it was the first time the romney had 50 percent now to john to 48. it's down to 48. >> santorum is showing strength to end the malloy area of illinois. in the rural area . >> the winner of the republican primary of the illinois...mitt romney. >>. the tolland has been set. campaign supporters are still around. ann romney introduced her husband as the man who second can transform america. we heard him reflected and expand upon his thoughts repeatedly in recent days. his experience in government and in the private sector businessman experience makes him only canada candidate able to deal with the american economy. he's insisting that its time for a change at the top. >> three years of the obama have brought us shrinking paychecks there have been historic drops and then come. the president that doesn't hesitate to use all means necessary it's time to say this word. enough. . >> we have mentioned in our campaign in recent days... santorum may or may
newt gingrich by a wide market 48%. mitt romney and second and rick santorum and third place. paul lisneck host of politics tonight breaking this down >> three states we are looking at georgette tennessee and ohio. all pile up for grabs >> focusing on the three states to look for generally speaking no surprises tonight everything going as expected tennessee story of the night so far because mitt romney anticipated to went to tennessee appeal and the south conservative voters did not happen defeated by rick santorum. ohio rick santorum a showing of the lead in ohio already losing going elsewhere to the next that might think he has a chance. tell me about ohio. surprise at this moment rick santorum is percentage points ahead? >> absolutely first of all a couple of things about all i know even if rick santorum wins this knot wind and the delegates because rick santorum failed to file fults plated delegates all of the counties in ohio does not have them bottom line cannot get all of the delegates speaking lately talking about popular vote knows he cannot get the delegates that romne
of each other. the latest polls show mitt romney with a double-digit lead. we need a man of action and we need a man who has a track record of ilementing those conservative principles and mitt romney is that guy. he was in peoria tonight have brings the home the message she pushed statewide. for the president is attacking economic freedom. never having had a job in the private sector he doesn't know what he is doing is hurting thing so badly and harming families. the morale of the romney team posted by polls showing him well out in front here. and by last night's overwhelming primary win in pr. 83 percent. he campaigned for most of the day against the president directly. including this speech on mr. obama's old stomping grounds. the university of chicago after spending three years attacking business he hopes to erase his record with a speech. we fought the our spirit we have been a campaign that has been out there with no teleprompter. i know you folks in illinois are not used to candidates running for president without a teleprompter. also the man from the calls and economic light weight
's amazing to see that mitt romney is ahead. i think this is a result of his money train. >> is also the possibility that southern states and maybe pick the one that is going to be able to be president obama. >> we are seeing this dynamic and other states as well. in mississippi can defeat obama, 40% of mississippi republicans went to romney. moral character was 43 percent of the vote. . >> the one of throwing a sophist gingric us off is gingrich. >> he lowered the bar a few days ago but it's going to be very difficult how long can he stay in the game?. >> the place where gingrich release scored the question as mitt romney saying i am the outsider.. >>mitt romney wasn't in first, but you are saying a lot of the major metropolitan areas of in the face to states is going to be where the votes are coming from. >> those votes from along the coast are going to be very slow common. when you look at these margins and percentage points it looks like big numbers but a few hundred folks can change them very quickly. . >>mitt romney has spent tons of money here on advertising. >> he spent milli
lte smartphones. buy one spectrum by lg at $199.99 and get one free. verizon. >> mid romney won porter rico's primary today and she is looking for another win in illinois so he had moline, rockford and vernon hills, crisscrossing the state planning president obama as energy policy for high gas prices and romney telling supporters that he is the only one in the race who can turn around the economy. mitt romney and his wife and pumping up and overflow crowd first before heading inside a packed and stevie gymnasium for a town hall meeting at a community center in vernon hills the former massachusetts gov. takes to the economy. ronni supporters were out in full force. the gop candidates hoping to pick up another win, in illinois on tuesday after winning the primary and porter rico today. i intend to get latino voters to vote republican in take back the white house. >> stop using immigration as a political weapon. >> santorum had the national media circuit sunday. >> he was not campaigning in illinois today but he got some celebrity help, but the doggers with the the reality show
in the deep south isn't translating into a lead. he's in a virtual dead-heat with mitt romney heading into tomorrow's republican primaries in mississippi and alabama. the latest cnn poll shows romney two percentage points ahead in mississippi, which is within the margin of error. in alabama gingrich is three points ahead, also within the sampling error. rick santorum is ten points behind gingrich in alabama and 12 points behind romney in mississippi. romney got some help on the campaign trail from comedian jeff foxworthy. appearing in richland, mississippi, foxworthy invoked the name of his popular game show assuring voters that romney is smarter than a 5th grader. gingrich told the gulf coast energy summit in biloxi that president obama's energy policy is "kuckoo land." and rick santorum focussed on alabama, checking out dreamland barbeque in tuscaloosa. it's been a while since illinois had a voice in helping pick a republican presidential candidate.. but the state is a valuable prize for this year crop of candidates. and they're all headed our way. newt gingrich will hit several cam
victories but no knockout punch bid romney tries to put the pressure on gop rivals to get out of the race familiar name for 2008 campaign surplus and again joe the plumber joining united states congress ♪ ♪ [ sighs ] hey! come on! what? i've been skimming mac and cheese for 75 years. 75? yeah. i'm only 45. i have another family. what?! what. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] celebrating seventy-five years of gooey creamy delicious kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you love it. i try to be a good boyfriend. which means being a good listener. she told me tide with downy would make my shirt softer. and was she right? [ chuckles ] [ snoring ] the proof's in the snoring. [ snoring louder ] [ chuckles ] that's my tide. what's yours? ask mitt romney campaign manager tuesday pretty super for presidential candidate eking out a victory all important state of ohio in three of them lost to rick santorum not surprising new gingrich home state of georgia met romney staffs and took time today to recharge leftists, mass. however senior adviser says it would take dramatic change f
in the south mitt romney and newt gingrich are trying to secure a vote barbara hall reports on the political trace with had a very very good day in our neighboring state of kansas this election is about big things, this is an important election more momentum for rick santorum as he lands a victory in the sunflower state he clicked with social conservatives who shared his same views on anti-abortion and anti same-sex marriage. ron paul hasn't won any gop contest so far but still says it's everybody's waste race to win. i think we're just going to maximize our chances for getting more delegates and and we feel good about that they ditched plans to campaign in kansas in focused on southern states from the and gingrich made it clear it's time for a new president and the white house. this president has not succeeded, he has failed and that's the reason we're going to get rid of him in 2012. >> gingrich and romney have good reasons there are 90 delegates that state. >> the latest wgn tv chicago tribune polls political reporter rick pearson is here with more on the polls and a couple of surprises
. >> learned to say ya'll i like grits >> mitt romney trying to throw on southern charm mississippi and alabama primaries coming up this week republican presidential candidates trying to make connection with the southern audience mitt romney records and cultural touchstones >> learning to say ya'll and i like grits >> mitt romney made a visit to a nationally syndicated "rick and bubba show" taste of how tough it could be for him to connect to voters in the south questioned extensively on his mormon faith and a low polling with tea partiers evangelical christians mitt romney defended position recognized alien territory calling southern primaries and away game at >> rick santorum a couple of states alabama swing into kansas skating attack on president obama position on national security energy and global warming focus mostly iran nuclear aspirations within this to negotiate weakness in the face of hostility. newt gingrich continues playing to southern states new poll shows former house speaker taking the magnolia state by spam marchant campus ron paul tea party voters polled them
americans to have the coverage by the 14. mitt romney bound to repeal the law if he is president. he passed a similar law in massachusetts but he continues to blast the white house lawn. romney says health care legislation is fine at a state level but he opposes the federal mandate. white house officials call him one of the architects of the health care. . it is the second anniversary of the signing of the health care act spawning a huge protest in chicago today. congressman joe walls by a pro-life crowd asking if it would go to jail to protect religious freedom. they are angry about the mandate requiring employers even religious institutions to provide contraception to their health care panda plans. pro- life forces held similar rallies at major cities across the country. >> ahead of tomorrow's louisiana primary, rick santorum is promising to vote for the eventual republican nominee. he got some flak for saying yesterday that republicans might as well both for president obama because front-runner mitt romney is not much different. santorum backed off of calling on the the etch a sketch c
one. suddenly illinois is filled with ads. >> mitt romney can't seem to put santorum away. 69 delegates are expected at stake next tuesday and the matter. >> the last time illinois mattered in the gop presidential primary it looked like this -1988 - when george h w bush knocked off bob dole along his way to the white house. 14 years later, the republican contest is on and its right here. presidential hopeful newt gingrich appeared at judson university in elgin today in an event billed as a hispanic town hall meeting with newt and callista. the crowd cheered when gingrich referred to president obama's quote attack on the catholic church and other right to life institutions. a chicago tribune wgn poll showed gingrich at just 12 percent support statewide, but instead of attacking his opponents he attacked the man he wants to replace in office. >> i believe the american people have the right to worship god in the way they want to without being dictated to by judges, the news media or the president of united states. >> most thought republicans would have had this settled by now
as many votes as possible from the front runner mitt romney. the crowd welcomed him at the christian liberty academy in arlington heights. >> we are not the candidate with the most money as you see your television. >> after taking a few shots at the run the campaign, he focused on the president at one time blamed him for high gas prices. >> it is not the president's theory of america that causes the price is to go up, it is timothy, his weakness. >> a few dozen protesters were across the street during the rally. mitt romney also made his first appearance this morning in the chicago serve burb chicken hands and a dog diner in rosemont and addressing a number of voters before leaving for pr. >> when he was a brand new president, he went on tv and said it cannot turn the economy around in three years, he would be looking at a one term proposition. we are here to collect. it is time for us to take back the white house and get america work and again. >> with more troops on the ground and more money to spend the romney campaign is putting the streets with negative ads. >> just typical
. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney got a solid endorsement today from house majority leader eric kanter of virginia. >> mitt romney is the only candidate in the race who has put forward a bold, pro-growth, pro jobs plan for the future. >> kantor is the first major republican leader to show his support for ronni and he says he believes the former massachusetts governor will win the republican nomination and to me while romney along with fellow candidates ronde paull rick santorum and new to gingrich are gearing up for the super tuesday primaries this week. >> polls are closed in final votes are being counted in the russian presidential election with results yet to be announced, vladimir putin gave what sounded like a victory speech already in early polling has a strong lead and he is widely expected to win a third term and should he end up winning he could potentially complete two more terms as president. bringing his time as leader to 24 years just short of the record held by joseph stalin. the mild winter did not cooperate for the annual polar plunge. fund-raisers faced frigi
behind gov. romney. damn what we need is a leader who has the courage of conservative principles and conviction. who has the integrity and the tenacity to do what it takes to get america back on track. >> governor romney has a substantial delegate lead but rick santorum have been pushing for that conservative vote. >> president obama taking a hard stand today as he rolled out some of the toughest sanctions on iran yet. the oil sanctions are meant to force the country to give up its nuclear program. countries will either have to stop doing business with iran ors. china, india and japan are the largest buyers of oil from iran.president obamba says the sanctions should not impact prices becasue there is a sufficient supply of petroleum from other countries. us supreme court justices vote today on whether president obama's health care law is constitutional. but, they won't announce their decision for a few months. of hearings. the major issue: whether the federal government can force people to buy health insurance. the justices will release their ruling by the end of june. betw
in an election year. president obama did follow mitt romney's lead and adopted as david plouffe said yesterday the blueprint for obamacare which was romneycare. the way they went about it with their 2,700 page bill and trillions of dollars in new spending is absolutely wrong. the lawsuit challenging the legislation was filed by 26 states, including indiana. this was the first of three days of arguments in front of the high court. tomorrow the focus is on the critical question. the constitutionality of the individual mandate. a ruling is not expected until june. it is three days before the court. all lot to digest. to break it down with us is our political analyst and constitutional lawyer paul lisnek what happened today. . > what happened today. this would have been the day when the court if they had won a two. they could have punted. the law requires us not to do with the tax until it is implemented and collected in 2014 and beyond. one of the justices raised that question. they dealt with it as a fine. as you heard justice ginsberg say they are not concerned about it. the court is ready to
primaries next, could mitt romney keep his momentum rolling for washington and the dispute over the second italian cruise ship heads to look for room and later what is a...? the ronde paull and rick santorum were tied in second place with 24 percent of the vote and gingrich trailed with 11 percent. the leading candidates were in ohio today, one of the 10 states in the super tuesday contest, just days away. their political rhetoric was focused on president barack obama. >> he said he would cut the deficit in half in t double it. >> look at the price of gasoline going up and up. >> romney's victory in washington state today is seen as a boost heading into super tuesday. in his weekly address today president barack obama touted the bailout of the auto industry and said if he had turned his back on detroit, 1 million more people would have lost their jobs, president barack obama also addressed gas prices and the $4 billion tax subsidies for oil companies received. >> i don't think oil companies need more corporate welfare we should end this tax payer giveaway and if you agree with me i'm
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